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We at D & D Climate Control are continuing providing our essential services to keep your home or business place comfortable as well as safe during this global pandemic. Our office staff, technicians and customers are asked to take the following precautions to help keep COVID-19 from being transmitted.

Our office staff will:

  • Ask questions to screen health of customer’s household or business place prior to dispatching technician to job site.
  • Request that payments for services be made by:
    1. Phone
    2. Emailed invoice
    3. Texted payment

Our technicians will:

  • Stay home and not work if they experience any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Maintain a minimum six (6) foot distance from customer if contact is required.
  • Not greet customers with any type of hand shake, fist bump, elbow bump or any other method that requires touching.
  • Ask to wash hands upon arriving and job completion.
    Only touch things and surfaces that are necessary to complete job.
  • Clean / sanitize surfaces that are necessary to touch to complete job. And/or wear gloves to touch surfaces necessary to complete job.
  • Not accept payments at job sites.

Our customers are asked to:

  • Inform us if anyone in the household or business place has cold, flu or respiratory symptoms
  • Maintain a minimum six (6) foot distance from our technician if contact is required
  • Open door for technician to allow him to enter without touching door handle if possible.
  • Clean and sanitize door handles if you are unable to open door for them.
  • Provide soap, paper towels and a place for technician to wash hands upon his arrival and job completion.

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