MRI Chillers

MRI - Magnetic resonance imaging scan device in Hospital. Medical Equipment and Health Care.

D & D Climate Control offers specialty services for medical-grade chiller equipment. We install, service/repair, and maintain this equipment commonly found in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) facilities. Our expertise in these services makes us an invaluable partner for any facility.

Medical-grade chiller equipment are obviously complicated systems. But how do they work?

An MRI is a technique in medical imaging used in radiology to create anatomical photographs to detect problems with the human body. These MRIs utilize powerful magnets to create a strong magnetic field, forcing the body’s protons in alignment with that field.

This MRI magnet becomes hot when energized, requiring helium to cool it, instead of a refrigerant like Freon®. Since the helium needs to remain in a liquid state, it requires compression, which creates friction and heat. To keep the helium compressor from overheating during this process, a chiller is essential to the process. This is the chiller our experts at D & D Climate Control install, service/repair, and maintain.

If for some reason this cascading refrigeration system is disrupted, the helium will build pressure and be expelled out a vent. This situation needs to be prevented at all costs, since helium is extremely expensive to replace. Additionally, if the system were to go down, the facility’s patient MRI schedule is affected, costing the facility money.

Regular equipment maintenance is imperative to avoid these costly scenarios. Call us about our bi-annual & quartlerly maintenance agreements to keep your system running as efficiently as possible. Our D & D Climate Control professionals are knowledgeable, proficient, and reliable, making us the leading professionals for the job. If any problems should occur with your equipment, we will come to your site to make an assessment and an action plan to rectify the issue.

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